Specialized in precision farming

AEROAGRI develops automated and innovation technology to the agriculture sector.

Our company has several products as well as the rendering of services, already in operation, including Drones, operation training and technical support.

The advance of automated technology has been causing rapid changes in the agricultural market the way we know it nowadays. Due to this fact, AEROAGRI is investing in the development of automation for specific field tasks.

About us

Around 2012, an alternative academic study was initiated aiming at gathering information of the flaws in agronomic activities in sugarcane fields with aerial images obtained through unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs)

This technology propitiated the monitoring of the field during crop cycle in several species, providing a precise diagnosis. In addition, it also allowed the recording of flaws in agricultural operations, diseases and pests in crops, as well as the monitoring in the development of crops through aerial images.

In 2016, AEROAGRI started the use of defensives, mainly in sugarcane crops. Market in which is gaining great recognition and has become the leading company in the implementation of techniques for precision farming.

Today, these technologies aid the producer in increasing efficiency in agricultural management, maximizing agronomical activities and profitability, and turning it into a more competitive agribusiness.

Clients & partners

Products and Services

Commercialization of Drones for agriculture and specialized training

  • Customized Drones, tailored to the activities and needs of each client
  • Drone AT-4 Advance Line
  • Trichogramma Application, approved by Koppert / Bug
  • Professional training and technical support in the use of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles.

Automated seeding

Vast areas are seeded from unmanned land vehicles based in the conventional principle of broadcast seeding in order to optimize the process and reduce costs.

Aerial application of defensives

Georeferenced application of biological pest control agents (Trichogramma, Telenomus e Cotesia ) in crops of sugarcane, soybeans, corn, cotton, and others where biological control is applied.

Diagnosis and information gathering concerning flaws in crops

We have developed an alternative methodology to identify and quantify flaws in the agronomical activities in sugarcane crops and others, through aerial images obtained by unmanned aerial vehicles, in addition to georeferencing in agricultural areas.

Research and Development

The use of Drones has provided several benefits to agriculture, such as control, optimization and low cost in agricultural activities.

At AEROAGRI, we work in partnership with producers, clients and personnel skilled in research, aiming at providing innovative solutions for the challenges agriculture may present. With that in mind, we have ongoing research projects in constant evolution related with:

  • The application of Biological and Chemical defensives
  • Data gathering concerning flaws in the agronomical activities (Seeding, Application of defensives and Harvesting)
  • Estimate of deficit of Nitrogen and Water Stress in crops
  • Diagnosis of pests and plant diseases
  • Monitoring of conservation areas (APPs)

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